Did you know that untreated hearing loss can lead to confusion, isolation, and depression in patients? The challenge for many caregivers is that their elderly patients and loved ones don’t know that they are experiencing common hearing loss symptoms. Unfortunately, in many instances, patients can become angry and accuse caregivers of speaking too softly or mumbling their words. The good news is that caregivers can implement a few helpful tips to help individuals with hearing loss.

Use Good Listening Skills

One of the best ways that caregivers can help people with hearing loss is to use great listening skills. While the latter tip might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, there are a few subtle tactics that caregivers should implement.

  • Get closer to the speaker, so that they can clearly hear your words and see your lips moving.
  • Be in the same room as the person who has hearing loss.
  • Take listening breaks, so that the person with hearing loss feels heard.
  • Encourage the person with hearing loss to speak up when they are having trouble hearing you.

Improve Conversation and Understanding for People with Hearing Loss

People with hearing loss can have trouble holding conversations. Fortunately, the following tips can help caregivers encourage their patients to have conversations that every participant can follow and enjoy.

  • As a caregiver, you should speak clearly, slowly, and loudly without shouting.
  • Use a visual cue or a gentle physical touch on the shoulder to get your loved one’s attention before starting a conversation.
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth when speaking.
  • Choose quiet areas to hold conversations, especially when you are running errands, at a restaurant, or enjoying outdoor activities with a person who has hearing loss.
  • Make an appointment with a trusted hearing specialist to choose the right hearing aid.

Caregivers Can Help Patients Hear All of the Little Things

From using good listening skills to improve conversations to making an appointment with a trusted hearing specialist, caregivers can greatly improve the quality of life for their loved ones with hearing loss. To schedule a hearing test and learn more about the right hearing aids for your loved ones, contact us today.